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Dạo gần đây cư dân mạng Việt Nam đang đổ xô vào trào lưu đào tiền ảo PI network. Các diễn đàn về PI hoặc các nhóm PI trên facebook có rất đông đảo người tham gia. Từ các em gái chân dài tới nách, ngực nở, eo thon vô post bài khoe tâm hồn to tròn cho tới các máy bay bà già U50, U70, B52, B86..., đầy đủ cả. Nhiều nhà tiên tri vũ trụ còn khẳng định chắc chắn rằng PI sau này có thể có giá vài trăm đô, thậm chí là…

Magisk is a powerful root method, running on Android devices. It’s opensource software, developed by Topjohnwu

What’s root

On a linux system, rooting is the process of allowing the device to gain privileged control, called superuser (the user with a UID of zero). Within rooting permission, the app can access everything in the OS, such as modifying system files or reading other app data.

Rooting makes the phone vulnerable and can be hacked easily. This is the reason why many banking application doesn’t allow running on the rooted device. Since Magisk is systemless, it doesn’t touch the system partitions. Furthermore…

Currently, applications on the market can run on many different platforms. So you have to face to maintain multiple codebases. Cross-platform development is that you only need to maintain one code base and it works on all systems.

The goal of this story is to build a C/C++ development run on different platforms: Android/iOS/MacOS/Windows/Linux.



Unlike some other languages (Java, Python), C/C++ is a compiled language, it translate code line directly into machine code. No virtual machine, no interpreter, no garbage collector. This is the reason why C/C++ is faster than other interpreter languages (such as Java).

Access kernel API

Many users expect your application fast to load and interact quickly. They can rate slow app poorly on the Play store, especially when they used an old and slow device. Speed up android app startup is very important for avoiding negative reviews.

Understand activity startup process

When the user opens your app, there are many launches of tasks: create process, bind application, invoke content provider, launch activity, service … For more detail, you can read here

There are 3 important phases if you want to optimize cold start time: load dex file, application onCreate, and activity onCreate

Profile app startup using Android Profiler

Android profiler is a very useful tool…

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